Tuesday, August 12, 2008


“I guess they had done as much as one pair of pants can do...” that’s a line from the opening monologue in ‘Sisterhood-2’... need I say any more to convince you to stay away from this over-the-top chick flick that even the chickiest of chicks should find insulting?
Not having seen the ‘original’ Tale of 4 chicks of various heights & sizes all being able to fit into the same pair of jeans, I had no idea what I was about to be subjected to.
4 supposed ‘friends’ get together after being apart for some time & all immediately go their separate ways (Only one, Americo Vespuchi seems to be upset that they won’t be spending the summer together) Apparently they have a rule where they mail this ‘magical’ pair of jeans to one another in a weekly rotation. Eventually a younger sister
of one the 4 ‘borrows’ the pants & takes them to Italy where they are stolen. With tears flowing down her cheeks the sister calls home & with all the bereavement of losing a family member informs her older sibling that the pants are gone!
This film jumps from one Panted girl to the next without any substance; every segment is crammed with overemotional rhetoric to the point where you just want to slap them all in the face & say ‘Grow up, girlfriend!”
A trip to Italy ensues (to find the missing jeans) where one of the 4 chicks meets with the lying conniver, who at the beginning of the film dumps her for the woman he’s impregnated. Now, all during the meat of the film, this particular Panted chick has been making goo-goo eyes at handsome Johnny Mathis, Jr. (A painter that models nude for her art class) They seem to hit it off, yet somehow he is cut out of the film without any explanation as to why he’s been ‘dumped’ – I thought perhaps I had mercifully dozed off & missed a few scenes, but my wife informed me that they never did resolve the Johnny Mathis, Jr. affair...
The ending monologue was even more hysterical than the opening with Americo wistfully lamenting the lost pair of pants that had done as much as one pair of pants could do... Hopefully this means there won’t be a Sisterhood of Chicks That Don’t Seem To Like One Another Except For Their Magical Pair Of Pants 3 – As Americo might say as the screen fades to black – “I think the pants would have wanted it that way...”


DBM said...

You need to take my word for it a little more seriously. You saw my August films list I sent you. Next to this movie I had a big NOT next to it. I know it was probably your wife's choice but you need to explain to her that your not made of money and you have to choose your movies you spend cash on wisely. You would have been better off traveling ( no pun ) to Seattle and see Elegy. A movie you both could enjoy.
Now I need to get my butt to bed !

terry r. said...

Dear DBM, get married & then tell me I had a choice in this selection! As a 'couple' one simply can't just select the films he wants to go see - there has to be a little give & take. Besides, she lets me pick the majority of what we go see - How can I deny her the occasional 'Mamma Mia' or
'Wandering Pants' sequel? (At least I didn't get dragged to the first one!) Plus, & I don't mean to sound like a braggart but, I think my sarcastic scathing review was more entertaining than the film - So how can you say that I wasted my money? Didn't I at least put a smirk on your face by letting you know that the pants had done as much as one pair of pants could do?

DBM said...

Come on now, she didn't know that flick looked a bit suspect? You couldn't have said " are you sure ? " Don't you think she'd know Ben Kinsley, Penelope Cruz and Dennis Hopper better instead of the Pants 2 crew ?
I understand you have to be fair, but geez. You told me that you look at the paper on Friday to see what's coming and Elegy was among the ones reviewed. Heck, Brideshead was a decent film. All I'm saying is I'm just surprised.
And I lived with sommeone for over 11 years, so I know what it's like to try to decide on movies. But she'd trust my judgement if I gave it a no-no.