Monday, January 28, 2008


“UNTRACEABLE” (Diane Lane)

I felt cheated by this movie; they figure out the killer’s identity & they eventually track him down . . . so exactly how is he ‘untraceable’ ?

I should just use that as my entire review, but it really doesn’t help you to decide whether or not you want to go see it, does it?
Okay, here’s the plot; Diane Lane, getting up there in years but still a fairly sexy woman,
plays Jennifer Marsh, a detective for the Portland Police Dept. heading up the ‘Internet Creeps’ Division - which consists of her & Griffin (Colin Hanks)
When a website called ‘Kill With Me’ pops up, Det. Marsh checks it out & sees a cat stuck to one of those heartless ‘glue’ rat traps with a bowl of milk just inches away. After a few days the cat starves to death. Hundreds of thousands have logged in to watch the kitty die & the site is full of smart-ass remarks by equally heartless chat room dweebs. A few days later the site starts a new ‘game’ – this time it’s a male in his forties; shirtless with the words ‘Kill With Me’ carved into his chest. Attached is an I.V. that contains something that causes the man to bleed faster the more he’s given – the amount of the drug increases every time someone logs onto the site.
And that’s basically it; to give away more would be ‘spoiling’.
I’ll only tell you that the ‘untraceable’ killer when ‘traced’ is so ridiculous it really spoils what was a fairly suspenseful film. When you see it, you’ll understand – I’ll just say think of how much someone would have to know to understand & be able to pull off what this killer does & then ask – does that character look like someone with a great deal of experience in this sort of thing?
I’d say a good plot – well-acted for the most part – but ruined by the revelation of the ‘monster’ who created this ghastly inhuman torture device.

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