Tuesday, January 1, 2008


(Will Smith & ‘Sam’)

I am NOT a fan of zombie movies – but I liked this film. & the reason is a combination of several nice touches. 1) Will Smith has grown into an actor who can pull off a virtual one man show. 2) Being a dog lover, his German Shepherd companion/protector ‘Sam’ is almost as good an actor as the star. 3) The Special Effects at times are pretty cool. Never having been to N.Y., I’m not going to gush about the ‘empty’ streets of N.Y. But I was impressed with the ‘wildlife’ that roam the city & more so for the unconventional ‘zombies’ that can only come out at night. & thank Beelzebub – there isn’t a ‘pod’ to be found anywhere in the script!

The ironic premise worked for me as well; after a scientist (Emma Thompson in a one scene cameo) discovers a cure for cancer in 2009 – within 3 years the cure has turned into a virus that turns most humans into the ‘zombie-like’ creatures & they in turn feed on the uninfected.Military scientist Robert Neville (Smith) is immune to the virus & has bunkered down in the basement of his home trying to find a cure. The zombies can only ‘hunt’ in the darkness as the sunlight burns through their exceptionally thin skin. So Neville has the entire city to himself during the daylight hours. He & Sam hunt ‘game’; visit the DVD rental store where Robert holds one-way conversations with the mannequins he’s dressed & placed around the store; & every day at noon wait at a certain spot where he is constantly transmitting to ‘anyone out there that can hear my voice’ to meet him.

Through flashbacks you learn how Robert & Sam came to be abandoned.It’s a good story – it has an exciting ending & for the first time ever in a zombie movie that I’ve seen – it makes sense (sorta)So even if you’re not a fan of the genre, I still think you will enjoy this movie. I really can’t find anything ‘wrong’ with it to pick at - & I love to find things to ‘pick’ at!

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