Monday, August 15, 2011


“FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” (Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake)

Yes, the ONLY reason I wanted to see this is due to the fact that Mila was supposed to be naked throughout most of it... she isn’t. In fact, she has one quick glimpse of standing in the nude with her back to the camera & that’s it. Aside from being disappointed by that revelation (or lack thereof) this entire movie is a complete waste of time.
If Timberlake isn’t gay in real life, he sure ‘acts’ like he is. Very effeminate in almost everything he does; voice, mannerisms & especially when he does his cute little singing & dancing routines. Speaking of which, I’m guessing there was supposed to be something humorous about them, but whatever the joke was, it went way over my head...
You’ll never hear me complain about getting old because if I were younger it would mean that I missed the Beatles, the British Invasion & the emergence of groups like Led Zeppelin. I feel sorry for anyone born in the mid-70’s or later – You missed the greatest era in music & you’re musical idols are no talent fruits like Justin Craterlake.

“Friends With Benefits” is almost as bad as “No Strings Attached” – the only plus being able to look at the much prettier Mila Kunis.. It amazes me how crap like this gets made. If I wrote a story & dialogue as lame as this, I’d give up trying to write because I obviously don’t have what it takes to succeed... Yet, here it is - & making money because horny old married farts like me will act as though I’m doing my wife a favor by taking her to see another chick flick when my biggest worry was whether or not I’d be able to get from pleasuring myself during Mila’s numerous nude scenes, thus becoming the guy known as ‘Seattle’s Pee Wee Herman Pervert”. What’s really disgusting is that Mila & Justy were raunchier on that awards show where he grabbed her breasts & she latched onto his crotch than they are in this R-Rated sex-comedy.
So I guess what I’ve learned about friends that decide to have sex with one another is that there’s nothing funny about it and there’s more male nudity than female (if any at all)
& who wants to see that? Oh yeah, gay guys like Dusty Craterlake...


Lily said...

I'm almost worried I'll be ruining the one part that you were disappointed about, but Mila Kunis isn't naked at all. The one quick scene where you think you see her naked is just a butt double.

It was a rom-com, so I didn't hate it. I did think the ending sort of sizzled out and died, but I enjoyed Mila's performance in the beginning.

Terry R said...

You just had to spoil the one highlight I took away from this piece of junk...
But I did see Mila's face connected to the body with the butt - or was the butt double also a Kunis double?
Never mind, I'm probably better off not knowing.
Boy, talk about a spoiler alert!
It's not even her butt, guys!
I guess, that's the difference between males & females because I thought this film sucked big time...