Wednesday, April 1, 2009


“I LOVE YOU, MAN” (Paul Rudd, Jason Segel & Rashida Jones)

For a movie that’s supposed to be about straight males, this film is more than a little gay. It’s almost like a ‘chick flick’, except that it does have a few comedic moments. Thanks to the likeable Paul Rudd, he overcomes the not-so-likeable Jason Segel. The best part about Segel’s performance is that he kept his pants on this time!
But scenes involving farting in a museum & ‘dudes’ that sit around talking about masturbating... well, let me just say that men from my era didn’t look at other guys’ butts, so we couldn’t tell if they were withholding gas & I have never cared what any of my male buddies whacking techniques are.
The premise as well is very chick flickie – Peter (Rudd) proposes to his girlfriend, Zooey (Rashida Jones) which sets off a discussion among Zooey’s girlfriends as to who Peter might ask to be his best man. They giggle over the fact that his best friend seems to be his mother. Peter’s younger brother is a gay man(Andy Samberg as Robbie) so naturally Peter asks him to set him up with prospective best man material. Adding to the 'eeww!' factor is when Reno 911’s Thomas Lennon ends his man date with Peter by sticking his tongue down Peter’s throat. This would have been slightly humorous if Peter had immediately backed away & let Frenchie know that he didn’t swing that way – Instead – in chick flick fashion - Peter takes all that Frenchie has to give & the tongue lingers inside Peter’s oral cavity for several seconds. To quote an old National Lampoon LP, “That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick!”
With Rudd in the starring role, it’s natural to compare this to “Role Models” & “I Love You, Man” just comes up short in almost every category. The only thing ‘ILY,M’ has in its favor is a delightful send up of a—holes with Jon Favreau’s total d-ckhead character, Barry. I have to admit the only scene that made me laugh out loud was when Peter has an unfortunate projectile vomiting incident. It’s a disgusting, yet funny sight gag that works because it’s unexpected & Barry is such a humungous jerk. Jamie Pressley as Barry’s wife, Denise doesn’t seem to like Barry either. She’s very pretty, but Jamie is either stuck being type-cast, or, she doesn’t have the talent to play any other role than the bitchy wife.
I was hopeful with the casting of J.K. Simmons & Jane Curtin as Dad & Mom, but they really aren’t given any funny lines.
If I had to put my finger on the main reason Segel’s Sydney didn’t work for me, it would have to be that he doesn’t pick up his puppies poop & actually thinks it’s funny when others step in the crap. It seemed he purposely walked the dog on a main walkway, just so the pup wouldn’t have the choice of finding a discreet area to eliminate... I hate those people. Although this movie’s infatuation band is an improvement over Role Model’s Kiss tribute, it just doesn’t work at all. Hearing Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer” & “Limelight” – probably my 2 favorite songs by them – butchered by Rudd & Segel isn’t my idea of entertainment – If I wanted to hear amateurs sing karaoke, I’d start watching American Idol... & that’s NOT going to happen.
But there is something about Paul Rudd that makes his projects seem better than they look on paper & despite all my little rants here, I didn’t totally dislike this film. It was an ‘okay’ fluff piece for an early Spring release...


dbm said...

It wasn't as good as Role Models but it was better than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I definitely didn't feel like I waisted my money. I laughed in spots. I wasn't so down on the Sydney character though. I actually found him sort of refreshing as he lives life at the beat of his own drum. He isn't a follower or a sheep that's for sure. Something America is flooded with it seems these days. Especially when it comes to up to date technology. Hey Terry, after you text me, will you Twitter and Facebook me too ? Good grief people !
I also was a Rush fanatic in high school. Many of my friends were. Had every album. But we ( my hs band ) weren't good enough musician's to play their stuff. We were more Bad Co. and Cheap Trick. Rush musically was out of our league. I also had those same posters on my wall. In fact I was wondering if those were taken from the filmmakers own collection. Those are very rare. I had that 2112 poster with the star in the circle.
The character of Barry was done very well. How many guys have you met exactly like that prick ? I wish the Rudd character wouldn't even have given that slouch the time of day.
Decent comedy that I would recommend to anyone who likes comedies. Now we'll see how Adventureland and Observe and Report hold up. I hear O&R is off the hook knarly.

Terry R said...

I completely agree with your opening assessment, dbm. & yes, Sydney is refreshing at times - it's just that I couldn't get past the lack of pooper scoopering!
If I knew how to text & facebook you, I'd be all atwitter, but alas, I don't have a clue...
It sounds like you agree with me on the Kiss vrs Rush tributes - that the Kiss one worked in 'Role Models' while the Rush one didn't -
Or are you too big of a Rush fan to admit that?
The thing about Favreau's Barry; at first I was thinking, how would a dick like that, not at all what you'd call a good looking guy, get a hot wife? Then I flashbacked to my dating years & remembered, Oh yeah, that's exactly the kind of jerk the foxier babes would flock around. Not only that, but the 'less manly' men, such as Rudd's Peter (Let's face it, he allowed a guy to french kiss him for several seconds) would also try to win their approval. I could see why Segel's Sydney would tell Barry to 'go (bleep) himself', but not Peter.
I do find is disheartening that you're hoping to be entertained by the likes of 'Adventureland' & 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2: The Sequel' I am totally Seth Rogen'd out!

movie luva said...

Happy Friday ! I'm going to comment first about Adventureland. I have a friend who saw an early screening last week, and she usually does not like comedies, at least theses days, very picky, and she liked it. She told me that it has some slapstick and goofiness in it, but she was surprised that there is actually a story to it and not it's all potty/crude humor. In fact, she felt that the writing ( the dialogue )was pretty sharp. Also she commented on the young stars ( Jesse Eisneberg & Kristen Stewart)are good, and Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig ( of SNL- and the best players currently on the show )have some funny moments too.
She basically said you get that there's a coming of age tone to it once the credits roll. And one last thing, she said the soundtack of 80's music was pretty cool too.
This is a person who's opinion in movies I trust. With comedies you aren't looking for Oscar nominated fare, but if the story is interesting and I can get some laughs, then it served it's purpose.
As for I Love You Man, I thought it was a pretty good comedy. B-.
Now I want to see Paul Rudd tackle something in the drama genre. Because the comedy he's got nailed down easy.

movie luva said...

Good, decent comedy. Not quite up there with Role Models but better than Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri.

Liked the Rush motif. My sister is 4years older than me and she and her friends were Rush heads. They had all the posters and the black lights and would play 2112 and Fly By Night ( and I think get high ) so it was kind of cool to see them be the band they worshiped. Right about last summer they were on Colbert Report and the South Park guys had the kids open their concerts on a big screen as a Rush tribute band. Cartman was Geddy Lee. All this after 30 years. Can't say thay aren't relevent. They are still selling records at a pretty good clip and can play 10,00 seats consistantly. Pretty rare company that can do that.

I also think Paul Rudd is the king of this kind of genre. He was the best part of all these comedies he has been in. Jason Segel ? Not bad but not particularly great either.

I thought I Love You Man and Adventureland were about on par with eachother.

movie luva said...

my oh my...I worked a 55 hour week and have been running on fumes ( I'm in interior design ) and totally forgot I posted before. Well there's always time for a first right ?

Terry R said...

Before I respond to your latest comments movie luva, I must first say that I have no control over what ads Google puts on my blogsite; Not that I have anything against gay Asians, I just want to make it clear that I'm not looking for any man on man action...
Not sure if I want Paul Rudd to try drama - he's doing well at making lame comedies worth watching - I would have liked to have seen him in "Bedtime Stories"(Or anybody that can actually act) instead of Adam Sandler.
With Rush; the group I call the most under-rated in rock history is The Guess Who (They are the pioneers of hitting the American charts for Canadian bands - & obviously before your time) So, although I 'like' Rush - to me, The Guess Who deserve the accolades before them. Although they split up in the late 70's, & as you said Rush is still selling CDs, I'm pretty sure The Guess Who still have more Top 40 hits than Rush (& they did it within the span of a decade) If you want to hear a piece of local rock history, check out the CD "Live At The Paramount". Memorable to me because I was there, but it made a decent showing on the National charts as well.
Anything else? Oh yes, I will put 'Adventureland' on my 'might see' list now even though the preview screams "STAY AWAY!"

movie luva said...

All I can tell you for sure is that Adventureland is NOT Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Knocked Up. I think the studio went for the previews to seem like those movies because they were popular and also that the director did Superbad, but Adeventureland is less sophomoric and more straight forward than those movies. Like I mentioned, it surprised me and how less of a comedy it really was. I saw it more as a coming of age story for a frustrated and awkward newly graduated college student that can't find any work except at a amusement park. If you have ever had a real crap job,, especially when you were younger and the winners you are working with too, it's pretty relatable. I guess it's either A-Land or Hannah Montana and Oberve and Report for you.

Terry R said...

'Hannah Montana' is NOT on my list. I am an adult. Not a very mature one, but growed up enough to not have one ounce of interest in movies for teenagers... Well, except that we will be checking out Motel For Dogs now that's its at our local $3 theatre!