Monday, November 8, 2010


“YOU AGAIN?” (Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigourney Weaver)

Let’s take a look at the leading candidates for WORST MOVIE OF 2010, shall we?
The films I gave ‘D’ ratings to are; “The BOOK Of ELI”, “The BOUNTY HUNTER”,
Add “YOU AGAIN” & you have 6 nominees.
Now the question is – who is the leading candidate?
Not ‘ELI’ because Mila Kunis was in it & she was enjoyable to look at.
Not ‘BOUNTY HUNTER’ though it was total crap, but Jennifer is still enjoyable to watch.
Not “SHREK 4” because Donkey was in it & I DO like looking at a nice ass.
That leaves Inception, A-Team & You Again. I know the masses would howl if I picked ‘Inception’ but it’s because that crummy film was hailed as being great that I came to loathe it more & more.
So it’s down to ‘The A-Team’ & ‘You Again’. Makes sense - they’re the only two I gave D-minuses.

I don’t want to hear from the guys chastising me for going to see it in the first place, it was one of those my wife wanted to see & I’ve already played the “let’s wait until it’s at East Valley” card too many times this year. And then the film doesn’t come to the $3 theatre & my wife is disappointed. So it was either this, or the Katherine Heigl ‘baby’ flick.

I don’t know what it is with Kristen Bell – she’s not unattractive; the thin nose makes her look cross-eyed sometimes, but I’d still say she was ‘pretty’. But she is quickly becoming the Queen of disaster flicks – Just recently seeing ‘When In Rome’, which I gave up on after 15-20 minutes – I felt the same way about ‘You Again’ but I’ve never walked out of a film in a theatre & I’d like to keep that record intact.

The premise was semi-intriguing; Marni (Bell) returns home for her older brother’s wedding & discovers he’s marrying the b*tch that tortured her throughout high school. They explain that Joanna went by ‘J. J.’ back then so Marni is caught off guard.
Then Joanna’s Aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver) shows up & we discover that she & Marni’s mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) were best friends as children but had a blow-up in high school that separated them. Throw in Betty White as Grandma Bunny & you actually have a promising set up. But instead of being a little dark, they go a lot stupid and make J. J. over-the-top mean in both flashbacks & in the way she treats Marni behind her family’s backs.

The reason this movie sinks even lower than your normal crappy chick flick is the soundtrack – Never have I been so disappointed that I didn’t have to go take a whiz as when J. J. started rapping in her old cheerleader costume – that wins most annoying scene of the year hands down... well, Robert Downey, Jr. spitting on a defenseless dog was disgusting, but ‘Due Date’ was an otherwise ‘decent’ film.
When the bride & groom-to-be started caterwauling “Kiss On My List”, I prayed that I would go temporarily deaf. In a desperate attempt to connect with one of my favorite chick flicks, “(500) Days Of Summer”, where “You Make My Dreams” was used perfectly, You Again’s use of a Hall & Oates song is irritating.

And let’s stop putting Betty White in movies – she works on TV – she’s one of the best TV actresses of all-time; if you haven’t seen “Hot In Cleveland”, try to catch it – In almost every episode Betty comes up with at least one funny memorable line. But even the cameo of another Mary Tyler Moore Show cast member couldn’t save ‘You Again’ from being one of the two leading candidates for worst film of 2010.


No Bad Movies said...

Oh... Terry... you WILL be chastised ! And you'll like it ( ha ! )
You have potential Oscar candidates out there. Your wife doesn't know that ? Every year you have been married to her, November and December ( sometimes even October- The Departed ) are always the best months for film. She'd rather see You Again instead of Sean Penn and Naomi Watts ? Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell ?
You love her. Go ahead and defend her. I know this. You once called my girlfriend and uncle idiot's, so... It's a democracy with her and your choice of films. I know this too. But I have never understood the I have to see something because my significant other wants to mentallity. So you make the sacrifice...doesn't mean you can't see a film for your own curiosity as well. It is your life. Movies shouldn't get in the way as going with someone or not has any revelence to a relationship status.
And you paid full price for that slop too ? That's what the 3 dollar movie was created for ( though you can still see flicks for 2 bucks at Gateway )
You Again isn't something I would even rent or watch on cable.
You shall be chastised and this is one you must take the brunt of my movie loving friend. We're talking movies here right ?
When I pulled my own site up and saw You Again there I nearly fell over.
Chastise, chastise, chastise...
Can't let ya off on this one.

Terry R said...

And you call yourself 'No bad Movies' . . . HA!
First, we had a freebie, so we only paid for 1 ticket... HA!
'Fair Game' isn't in our neck of the woods yet so we skipped that in hopes it would come to the Southend next week. We might see 'Conviction' this week, though I'm a little leery of Swank after all the hype over 'Amelia'.
I did call your uncle & girlfriend idiots, didn't I? That was a very thoughtless thing for me to write . . . I apologize . . . HA!
Most of the time, I dictate which movie we see, or give her a choice of the ones I want to see - this week I offered 'Fair Game', 'Conviction' & 'You Again'.
The latter won because of the freebie, which was about to expire.
I rarely 'give up' films that I really want to see, so I endure the crap she likes when the pickin's are slim.
Plus, money is still very much an issue - I only work part-time, so my wife is the major bread winner.
I feel that entitles her to have a say as to what we spend our entertainment dollars on.
I went to see 'Nowhere Boy' by myself & as I was enjoying it immensely, I wished she had come with me.
She wanted to see 'Eat Pray Love' & I told her that's one I refuse to sit through, so she asked my cousin's wife to go & they were never able to make it. I felt bad that she missed it basically because I refused to take her.
By the way, if you didn't catch Bill Mahre's line on 'Eat Pray Love', it was a classic - "Every woman who forced her husband/boyfriend to sit thru 'Eat Pray Love' has to go with him to see the male version, 'Football, Jerk-Off, Nap'." . . . HA!