Monday, February 11, 2008


“ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR 2 : The REQUIEM” (Dozens of plastic monster models)
Yes, it was ‘dumb fun’ for a dollar night at Gateway & I wasted 2 hours of my life watching what I believe to be the 6th sequel to the best sci-fi/horror film ever made.
The problem with this one is obvious; there’s nothing new here – nothing you haven’t seen before in 5 previous Alien films. An Alien/Predator hybrid is created, but you can’t
really see the thing since EVERY scene in which the hybrid appears is during a downpour(Which seems to let up when the hybrid goes away) & in a very dark place.
If there’s a story here, it escaped me, as there was no explanation as to why a ‘Predator’ was experimenting with the ‘Aliens’ in the first place – no explanation as to why a fellow ‘Predator’ followed ‘Dr. Predator’ to earth after he crash lands on the blue planet & no explanation as to why ‘Michael Clayton-Predator’ does what he does to ‘clean up’ the situation. Just tons of scenes of Alien babies hatching out of human’s chests (Oo, oo, this time they explode out of a little boy’s chest – yeah, that’s what everyone wanted to see)
The original ‘Alien’ movie was so well done; nicely acted, believable- in that the Nostromo was basically a space garbage dump & the ‘crew’ just employees. The clever way the alien morphed from clinging octopus to toothy lizard to walking Great ‘Black’ Shark with claws & a deadly tail as well as ‘acid’ blood. And in the end, everything was explained – that they didn’t just ‘happen’ upon this creature, it was planned.
Classic story, excellently told. As I walked out of ‘AvP2:R’, I thought ‘how could they have gone so wrong with this ‘franchise’? & the answer is – the fact that they didn’t leave well enough alone & turned it into a franchise.
& in case you’re wondering – Yeah, but you’re an old fuddy duddy, you have no idea what the youth of today likes – As I left the theater, a girl in a group of late teens/early 20-somethings said, “That was the worst dollar I’ve ever spent!”

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Anonymous said...

worst dollar ever spent. this best science fiction of year. you at bad old station ruin your mind. much action. i interested for whole movie. number 1 special effects. i by this one.